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Sarah Spector

• Opening to your soul’s next steps
• Nurturing change
• Knowing your wisest choices
healing relief



Peace and Clarity?

It is my job to help you with this.

Are you in transition?

Have you felt lost or stuck in old patterns?

Are you open to change?

I read the pictures in your auric field, and the information they contain. This transcends your intellect or your emotions.

Remotely or in person, I can touch what needs loving and healing. This supports your always-expanding awareness and gentle change.

I observe the energy on your upcoming choices and read what is moving, changing, and what is auspicious – or not – in your near future. I will help you choose your most expansive, vibrant next steps. This is a spirit – to – spirit communication that gently nurtures deep change.

My work is to be an extremely clear channel to your higher purpose.

I will help you to
make wise choices and learn to trust those choices
• express your deepest creativity
• be in contact with your pure creative essence
• learn to have an informed sense of your mission, your truth, and your greatest goals.

Are you:
Uncertain about inter-personal dynamics with those in your life – your mate, family members, friends, clients, co-workers?
Willing to step out of linear reasoning and trust in the intuitive?

Would you like:
more clarity and understanding about your impending decisions, your choices?
to step into tangible healing and unfolding?
to begin healing your emotional issues?

Are you committed to achieving your life purpose, and achieving something great?
I can be your “change ally”.
I will provide clarity, and support you in having a solid sense of your place in the world.
You will come into the power of living in the present, and the presence, in a gentle, profound way.
If you choose to work with me, I will simply ask you to prepare for our session by contemplating your desired results.

Know where you would like to be.
Know where you want your journey to take you.

I also offer hands on healing / intuitive touch and psychic counsel together.



Please call or email with questions or to arrange an appointment.