paintings for power, beauty and transformation



As a child, I loved hunting for fossils on shorelines and in forests. Although the tiny artifacts were camouflaged by the millions of other rock formations surrounding them, with acute attention, I always managed to uncover a treasure-trove of these imprints.

For me a psychic session is like this in a certain way: scanning the topography of a client’s energy “shoreline” with laser-beam discernment and allowing what’s asking to be read to come to the fore.

Each session is a series of discoveries like petals unfurling, presenting vital, subtle, and useful information. As we nurture change, I believe that we reorganize our molecules, enabling our bodies to move into new places and richer territory, adjusting to our new selves.

I seek to work with clients are are taking responsibility for the change in their lives.

I am also a lifelong painter. See my online art gallery.

Sarah Spector