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“I told you I wanted to get rid of my fear.
There’s been a lot less anxiety in the two months since our session.

I decided to do things that I’d been afraid to take on before. That resulted in my meeting great, interesting – and brave – women. I went on a trip and took a class I’d been afraid to do before.

I’d like to do another session with you.”

Angie R., Business Owner

“I felt so much better physically after
one session with you; and I still feel great after three sessions and several months!”

A. E., Lawyer

I came to you after a very unsettling breakup. I was extremely frustrated by the lack of an opportunity for any kind of closure, even though the outcome itself was correct.   

It felt like you rewired my brain; and “rerouted” my negative emotions. You enabled me to put the whole situation into a “vessel” and put it aside, rather than dwelling on it.  I no longer feel disparaged or in pain.  It was so quick, it was truly an amazing result.

That was several months ago, and I still feel the results of the healing. 

I would like to pursue healing on another subject with you further. 

Confidential client, Marin County

The Visionary Reader

Sarah worked with a chronic injury (wrist) and through a combination of technique, presence, attuning and healing gifts solved a problem I’d had no relief from for over 8 months despite seeing several other practitioners. This was a godsend.

With confidence and trust, I highly recommend Sarah’s practice for healing work.

Michael M., I.T.

It’s been over a month since my reading with Sarah Spector, and each and every day I have found myself drawing from her insights and visualizations.  I am relishing a groundedness that I could never access prior to our work.  And more in touch with light energies.

When we met I was (still am) in a major crisis zone, but somehow I’m better able to step back and more neutrally observe–and thus cope with–even the most difficult situations, without the flood of panicky emotions that have frequently accompanied me.  I feel unimaginably lighter.

During the course of the reading Sarah also offered a healing, and dissolved a palpable, aching block that I had not been aware of until it was gone.  Since then, especially during moments of stress, I have gone inside “looking” for that block, and every time the result is a prevailing sense of calm and release.  It’s hard to find words to express the reassurance issuing from the absence of something present below consciousness… but there it is.

I would unequivocally recommend Sarah.  Her reading was generous, wise, and laced with humor, and she is a delight.

Dena H.,  Editor

Sarah Spector is truly a gifted psychic and healer. I have worked with several and she is outstanding. I was astounded at the accuracy of so many specific details she told me about my life that she could not possibly have known or guessed. Some of these rang so true that it gave us both goosebumps!

She is friendly, genuine and lighthearted and did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable with what she was going to do.  Her healing was very powerful; I actually broke into a sweat; and waves of heat went through me as she assisted me in letting go of some old stuff – and she wasn’t even touching me or talking about it!

I would recommend Sarah for anyone who is intuition challenged or needing some hints on what is occurring below the surface. And if you have stuck energy that needs to move, she can definitely help.

Michelle S., Teacher

Thanks for checking in with me, and thanks for the session. When I listened to the audio, I really got the depth of it.

I definitely feel lighter and more grounded. I was stuck in traffic today and my commute turned into nearly an hour. But I noticed how calm I was and how little it bothered me. It was like I was inhabiting a new body.

I decided to make some real changes in my health habits. I feel very supported in that decision, which is also a result of our session. I feel like I am more in contact with my guides, my higher self, and myself in the physical world.

I’m going through a lot right now, working through a lot, so I really appreciate the work that you did clearing out some of my blockages and helping me to connect more to myself. I think another session would be very helpful.
Rick K., Teacher, Administrator

I feel a billion times lighter. I am super grateful.

E. F., Software Engineer, Healer

Sarah provides an experience unlike any I’ve ever had before.
With her inviting aura, her soothing voice, and her intensely visual language, she paints pictures in front of your eyes and plants images in your higher brain, depicting your own life’s context and circumstances from a truly novel perspective. She provided guidance from on high and all around, not just about what lies directly in front of me. It was a one-of-a-kind reading that I’ll always remember, by a gifted intuit who clearly cares deeply about her craft and her clients. Sarah, I’ll sing your praises to the sky to anyone who’ll listen! What you do is life-touching, potentially life-altering stuff–what a calling!

Cindy N., Communications Director, Copywriter/Editor

Sarah gave me counsel and I didn’t follow her meditation advice. Got the same advice a year later. It didn’t help to put it off for a year. I did eventually do the meditation, and who knows, without her first (unfollowed) counsel, I might not have heard it the second time and engaged the solution, which involved my own karma and family anyway.

Joshua T., Carpenter

It helps me trust and make it a little more clear.

Per K., Web Designer

The whole session was just wonderful. It was very, very nurturing, in a deep way. You were right there with me the whole time with your warm hands and your steady, nurturing touch. I felt like a baby being held. It was so satisfying. I was soaking it up like a sponge.  I felt that your steady awareness, clairvoyance, and compassionate heart were giving you a clear understanding of what was going on deep within me. The things you were reading and telling me were right on. Your hands seemed to know exactly where to go. Your touch was just right.  You really know your craft. You’re the best.

Bill P., Retired

You know that feeling, when you twist your ankle and it’s not just that stumbling loss of footing variety of ankle yank? I am talking about the full foot roll when suddenly you are on the ground and you can feel that ripping pain, the stretch across your arch and the jabbing pain behind the ankle? Yeah, that’s the one. Well, I did this today, while at the beach with Sarah and she calmly said, ‘here, let me put my hands on it’. I sat there, gripping my knees, holding on, and riding the pain, imagining that next week of icing and not being able to take my daily walk. My mood dared to go dark as I sat with it and breathed. After a few minutes the top stopped aching…she moved her hands around. After less than 10 minutes, it was like it did not happen. It was amazing, seriously.

Elizabeth P., Poet, Activist

Before our session, I was concerned about my current job and was fearful that I might lose it.

I was also experiencing sharp pain in my side. Since the healing it has totally gone away.

I definitely feel more positive and confident. And you cleared up a lot of areas for me that I was unsure of, and helped me consider other opportunities that I have.

Virginia H., Plant purchaser

It relieved me and made my heart happy.

Michael J., Healer, Computer Repair

Mine were spiritual issues…and how to bring a practical solutions to them; relationship stress with my daughter; how to best support her in a way that honors us each; feeling depressed; difficulties in connecting with a joyful state of being; and difficulties connecting to guides.

From our session, I got:

  • Understanding of where the sadness in the heart originates (like knowing who controls my breath);
  • A much lighter heart;
  • Compassion and patience for myself and my daughter as she goes through this hard period in her life;
  • More space;
  • Not feeling the urgency to fix things;
  • Greater flow and trust.

Great progress!

Christine M., Mother

My reading with Sarah Spector can only be described as a journey – and a profound one at that. She was able to see into my situation in a way that felt simultaneously familiar and illuminating, offering insights into some of my core issues– insights that have served to gently support me in my wholeness, my sense of well-being, and my ongoing path towards wellness and joy. During the reading I felt warm and safe, and her observations were both inspiring and pragmatic. At every turn, my reaction was, “Ah yes. That’s right. Thank you for reminding me.” Throughout the session, there was a great sense of strength and possibility, and she facilitated the dawning of a deeper knowing-ness that has helped me in these few days since receiving the reading. Chiefly, Sarah helped me to gain inner clarity about how I can BE and what I can DO in order to feel good and centered and on-track. It’s as though she helped me to clear away and release layers of stagnant energy, including behaviors, thought patterns and perceptions, that were preventing me from seeing the answers that have been there all along. What remains is an openness – to myself, others, and the Universe, as well as an interesting combination of vulnerability and empowerment. I am thankful to Sarah for facilitating this sense of growth and renewal, and look forward to working with her again.

Genna G., Musician, Reiki Master

I have had several readings from Sarah Spector regarding my personal and business life.

I was dealing with major life changes. I felt “stuck” in old patterns. I wasn’t sure whether a psychic was the right way for me to go to get answers. I have now had several readings from her; to say that her readings were helpful is an enormous understatement.

Her approach to healing and reading is psychological and spiritual. Her perspective, emotional and spiritual skills have effected profound, positive changes in my communication, awareness and relationships. I have greater love and abundance in my life as a direct result of my sessions with Sarah. She has been an invaluable source of growth for me in both my personal AND professional life. She’s the real thing.

Adam B., Art Gallery owner

The day after our session, I awoke with a major shift. I had no thinking going on. I was just empowered. I suddenly got very clear that needed to restart my business. I put my notice in at work. I got my old job back. I got a new table for healings. I designed business cards. And I decided to move back to where I’ve been thinking about moving for so long.

The next day, it just manifested–coming on like a big wave. I wondered, “Where is this going?” Probably because I’ve had some rest, I’ve been going with it. And it’s been rocking me forward. The calming down started. I’ve had kidney pain on and off for a year. In the weeks since you worked on me, they haven’t been hurting–the pain is no longer clutching at me!

And you’re so clean and translucent about how you do it, your energy didn’t create any ‘residuals’ in my system. The work we did together was amazing–it cleared so much–all the shifting’s been happening! And I suddenly have so much space to move in!

Judy K., Massage Therapist

Through your precise readings, you helped me be responsible and conscious of my choices at a very high degree based on the truth of this situation. I have been able to see archetypal energies and unique patterns that are at play in my relationship, so I could be calm and assured of my course of action/s. You showed me the best course for NOW and helped me see a big picture that allows me to trust my path and the possibilities in this relationship. I now have a sense of confidence and inner knowing. Your ability to know and share what others are experiencing and needing helped me be in truth, not fantasy. You helped me navigate my heart’s choices. This gives my soul peace.

Jan C., Sound Healer, Business Owner, Registered Nurse

When I had a groin pull and was in excruciating pain, Sarah worked on me and with gentleness, focus and love, she was able to help me not only get through an extremely painful situation but was able to support me in accessing a past trauma that I was able to let go of that had been with me for decades. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting more clarity and healing in his or her life.

Mark D., Sculptor, Musician

Our reading and healing was one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. I experienced an understanding of self that has eluded me for decades. Your ability to gently, yet directly connect with my inner self, as well as locate what has dictated much of this lifetime was magical. You identified where my body held those patterns, locating areas of pain and explaining their presence, and focused my energy so I could understand them. You possess genuine compassion and talent as a clairvoyant and healer. I feel I’ve received an amazing gift from you…. I wanted to discover what barriers were preventing my optimal health, and what was keeping me from my goals. I had an inkling, but never saw the issues I must resolve spiritually before addressing the physical– until our session. I was able to find some peace about why I am in this current vessel and what the pain I experience stems from. I thank you for that insight more than you can ever know.

Muara J., Film Producer, Director, Writer

I am always working with the aspect of my attention in life and am thankful for your reading and tending to my essence.

Your insights around my heart, the shield, and the space behind my back resonates deeply. It opened me up and reminded me that the vulnerability, innocence, tenderness, magic, playful, sensitive nature of my heart is a faculty.

Cairn F., Artist

I highly recommend Visionary Reader. The short time I’ve worked with Sarah has been an incredible ride. It has allowed me to see aspects of my life more clearly that have concerned me, some for more than 10 years. The information she offered has confirmed that I am solidly on the right track, and provided additional insight to fine-tune my goals. Our work has allowed me to relax and more fully trust the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to have more clarity in their life.

Patricia B., Writer

Your work has continued to ripple through me. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who has experienced healings before but needs something direct yet gentle; sustainable and insightful. Also wonderful for people who’ve not yet experienced energy or clairvoyant healings before, but are curious. Sarah is the real deal.

Stasha G., Tarot Coach, Mother

My knee had been quite painful for about five days, the result of two falls. When you offered me a healing, I thought, “Well, it can’t hurt…I’m sure it will feel good, but probably won’t do much.” You laid your hands on my knee. I was quickly surprised at the amount of heat and energy that came out of your hands…it was beginning to feel much more relaxed and at ease. “Yes, but it probably won’t last,” I thought. When you finished; my knee felt great–to my surprise–but the most amazing thing is, a week later, I am not experiencing any pain. I am delighted–!

I would definitely recommend you to anyone for healing….especially feeling the energy that radiates from your hands–and of course, your sweet, compassionate presence.

Thank you, Sarah.

Kiah B., Life Coach

Brilliant session, thank you. Everything was right on. One thing after another…about how in 5th grade I had a breakdown of faith and how I dealt with it–and how it’s affected me. All absolutely accurate. I would like to keep working with you.

Sarah W., Counselor and Massage Therapist

I came to our session feeling locked up in anger, confusion, sadness and hurt. I wasn’t sure how to express my feelings to my friend. Your reading helped give me the clarity to speak my truth honestly, openly, respectfully and authentically. Although I’m uncertain about how the situation will pan out, I am grateful in knowing that I can be myself even in challenging situations.

Tammie S., Chi Nei Tsung Practitioner, Massage Therapist

Thank you for your insightful reading. I ironically had thousands of questions after taking the information in and letting it sift and settle and move around a bit more.

Thank you again; you pierced directly into some content I wasn’t expecting to explore and it is very helpful to me to go into the dark matter and bring it to light.

You are a good cleaner of ponds–bringing the lotus some oxygen. Thank you again for your wonderful session for me. I have felt a lightening of my being and I’m so appreciative for the energetic shifts. It is so nice to know wise women. Deep gratitude from my heart & soul & mind. Thank you!

Stasha G., Tarot Coach, Mother

I was feeling very anxious, tense and stressed out over a talk I was going to have. My body felt very tired and drained; I was feeling grief and anger.

Since our session, I feel total relaxation, calm and peace in my body and mind; I feel very grounded and present – which I haven’t in a while.

I used the tools you gave me. A peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate talk is exactly what happened. It went better than I expected; and I now feel that we can move forward in our lives in a positive way.

The worry and anxiety that I felt seemed to slip away. I felt more connected in body, mind and spirit. Thank you Sarah, for sharing your healing gifts with me.

Tammie S., Chi Nei Tsung Practitioner, Massage Therapist

I had been very angry, blaming, anxious and depressed, took no personal responsibility and had no self-love to the degree that I hurt myself and even tried to kill myself.

I can say without any hesitation this has ALL been lifted. I am completely surrounded in love and light.

I finally understand about self love. Thank you for inspiring healing in me, and for being an energetic hand to hold. As I step fully into my role as a healer and teacher, I feel it’s very important to connect with those who have more wisdom and experience in this arena. Support is so important.

Genna G., Healer, Performing Musician

The more I use your guidance, the more benefit I reap. You have held me as a midwife, helping bring deep things into awareness and integration.

As for the value of our numerous sessions:  Themes are revealed; there’s been an attunement to my process, a deepening, an illumination and opening up. I’m now tuning in to my own process — and trusting my intuition about things as they begin coming true, step by step.

I’m also finding parts of myself I neglected for decades. I’m becoming more discerning, and picking up on subtleties that I hadn’t even noticed before.

Steve C.. Professional Co-Active Coaching

Oh, Sarah, you’re the best!

My body is able to trust, relax and open up to receive–that’s big for my body; it’s very rare, since I have fibromyalgia.

You touched a deep core place of my deepest heart’s desire, my secret dream. I feel tenderness and caring and gentleness in your hands.

I can tell you like what you do. There is integrity in your work. I can trust and I can be nourished. How often has that happened? You know what you are doing.

Minouche G., Healer, Artist, Community Builder

After the deep work you did with me today, I can recline comfortably with nothing under my neck. My posture is totally different! My back and shoulders have straightened and stretched out.

Your gentle, slow, intuitive touch moved 10 years of stuff in my back. You made sure to prepare me for the depth, so that I was ready.

John D., Contractor

Way back when you read me, you said something about there being a readiness in me to share in about five months. I noted the time frame as my birthday would be coming up at that time. To update you as to what is unfolding, I will be starting the first of a workshop series I’m extremely excited and happy about just then. I am in awe at how this has come about and feel gratitude for how the universe has guided me (including your vision). Again I want to thank you.

Anandi N., Educator/Life Coach

I have had disabling, chronic migraine headaches for years every single month. After our session, the migraine was gone in one half hour, not to return. I also had chronic, intense foot pain. The next morning, I was able to put my feet on the ground (and still am)! The pain is now manageable. This was after one 30-minute session with you.

Tina P., Preschool Director, Teacher

Are you certified in coaching? I truly believe this is your calling. You have such a gentle hand and lead with brilliance. You ask all the right questions and are always gentle, even when getting right to the point, making us think out of the box. You inspire me to write, to think, to act… I am so glad that we are connected. You have helped me just by listening.

Deborah K., ACSM certified Health /Fitness Specialist

I didn’t feel capable of moving forward. I was stuck and angry about the tasks ahead. In our session, you showed me how I can offer myself compassion. Giving myself the kindness I yearn for will now fuel my actions. Before, all I saw was the problems. Now, I am able to focus beyond them, to the benefits of my actions, which I’m now visualizing and owning. I had forgotten to offer myself Love.

You reminded me that that is the answer. I’d never encountered anything that was so right on and powerful. I wanted more and more for myself. I felt grounded and loved and inspired.

Louise G., Career Coach

You are great for me to be around.

Laura P., Accountant, Fitness Instructor

I came to my session with Sarah not knowing what to expect but curious. I was truly blown away by the accuracy of her reading and the things she was able to pick up on. In particular she was able facilitate the flow of energy through my crown chakra. I noticed after our session and it played a role in my spiritual progress. I enjoyed the experience greatly!

David M., High School Teacher

Yours is a particular kind of healing energy, or better yet, a kind of soul recognition energy…You are some kind of channel to Deep Source, so when I focus on you in any way, I feel more grounded, more whole, more at home.

Jordan G., Writer, Entrepreneur

There’s something about you that returns me to the world.

Briton J., Artist, Writer

I swear I feel prettier since our reading! I’ve done energy work and psychic readings. After ours, it felt like I had gotten a spiritual and emotional face lift. There was a lot of tension removed; I had a feeling of peace. You clarified what was going on in my life.

Celeste M., Financial Planner

This was so profound–I’m feeling it even today! For a long time, something hasn’t been right and I didn’t know how to correct it. Everything you read was so true! It was like being on an inner journey; parts of myself that have not been touched in a long time awakened. This brought on a feeling of wholeness, of opening up material to connect with myself more deeply–like beginning an inquiry….I felt something turn inside of me shift. I feel things starting to turn around for me.

K. Lynn M., Sales

I suffered from a long-term, painful physical condition. After my session with you, its origins revealed themselves clearly. I now feel physical lightness and joy. I’m most grateful for your healing. A pocket of old sorrow, unhappiness and loneliness burst. I’ve felt so much lighter since our sessions.

Tom L.C. Poet, Healer

I’m buzzing with a high feeling. Very wonderful. And I’ve been sleeping so soundly, like a baby!

Patrick P., Optical Engineer

Several days after our last session, my meditation teacher was doing a clearing process on me, and when he finished, he told me that unusually, several “impressions” simultaneously left my body. I knew immediately that this was the healing Sarah was working on. Since that time, I feel like a different person. I am clearer, more focused, and in a very positive place. As I continue to work on my daily practices, I am excited to see where all of this can take me! I am feeling much more ease, and beginning to relax into life. A big thanks for Sarah! She is really a gifted healer!

Joan L., Engineer, Life Coach

After our session, my partner noticed that my energy seemed really clean and balanced, that I seemed lighter and friendlier. I felt my aura to be glowing and radiant, and my spirit bouyant. This was remarkably helpful.

Wendy S., Acupuncturist

I left our session feeling lighter and very affirmed. And I loved having some next steps to keep me well and true to my essence.

Lesley P., Massage Therapist

The session really helped ground me. I was having a tremendous amount of energy movement, starting at my tailbone and shooting up through my whole spine. And the tools you gave me really helped to break up stuck energy! I loved it!

Abby R., Somatic Therapist

Things have really shifted for me since our reading. I fired my therapist, since I was tired of waiting three months for her to tell me the things you read in one session. I’ve decided to change certain agreements with my husband. Two days after our reading, he told me things he never had, which has opened new pathways of communication between us. A weight has been lifted! I know it takes time for old patterns to change completely, but I’m catching myself with this new awareness. I’m also seeing my other relationship patterns more clearly. Thank you!

Robin G., Law, Real Estate